68th Armored Infantry, 14th Armored Division

Since getting my halftracks I have been collecting halftrack photos.  These are some that I have purchased off of Ebay.  I got them just because they were halftracks in action it wasn't until months later when I was looking at them closer that I could tell that almost all of them were from the 68th Armored Infantry, 14th Armored Division.  This is the unit which I was already portraying with my halftrack.  For those who do know how the unit marking work 14Δ is the 14th Armored Division which comes first, followed by 68I which stands for 68th Infantry. 

Captain and the HQ

HQ halftrack

HQ halftrack

Walt. Bealko

That name was the only thing identifying this picture, I assume that is the GI's name.

Bonbrock, May 12th, HQ track

Repair work

Sherman and Halftrack

In a village

Buchlock, Germany, June 1945

The war is over. The writing was difficult to make out, but it looks like something similiar to Buchlock, Buchloch, or Bucklock.


More 14th Armored Pictures

These pictures are from the National Archives

A brand new M-4A3 tank moves from concealment on its way to the Rittershoffen Front. 14th Armd Div. Niederbetschdorf, France

Cement fill bags provide extra protection from armor peircing shells for tanks. 25th Tank Bn, 14th Arm Div, near Morschiller, France, Feb 27, 1945

Capt Willard V. Horne, Communications Officer the BC-603 receiver of the SCR-528 to Lt. Stanley James. This is an M4A3E8 Sherman from 25th Tank Bn, 14th Armored Div, Tank B17 on Mar 14, 1945

125th Eng. BN., Combat Command A, 14th Arm Div., putting in a bridge across Seltzbach River to all tanks and half-tracks to continue on a push, Hiederrrcedern, France, 18 march 1945

Enroute to meet General Patton's troops, 14th Armored Div. tanks pass knocked out German equipement. Berg Zabern Area, Germany, 23 March 1945

While infantrymen of the 7th U.S. Army liquidate rear guard snipers and bazooka units left by Nazis in Lohr, Germany, 7th Army tanks wait on outskirts of town until they can safely race through. 14th Armd. Div, Lohr, Germany

Assualt on Gemnenden, Germany

While one group of infantrymen take cover against a wall, another group starts a house to house search for snipers in the town. Co. C, 62nd A.I. Bn., 14th Arm'd Div, 4/6/45

Maj. Gen. A.C. Smith, CG, 14th Armored Div., U.S. Third Army, walks along site where Combat Engineers are building a bridge to span the Isar River near Moosburg, Germany. 5/30/45

Tank is marked 14th Armd Div, 47th Tank Bn, tank C5