February 23, 2008

This is a combination of various dates that we were working on replacing the tires and the exhaust manifold. 

New Tires

The original tires were Englebert, a Belgium company. I don't know if that means that they were from a Pre-war stockpile or Post-war.

We thought we could change the tires ourselves, we were wrong.

We were trying anyway we could think of to get the tire off the rim.

After a couple of hours of trying we gave up and took the tire a local guy that Kenny knows.

This is why the tires were so heavy. The inner tube was solid rubber. Even without the rim I can barely lift that off the ground.

Brand new tires

Exhaust Manifold

Here is the old manifold after we got it off.

The engine block after the manifold was removed.

All cleaned up and ready for a new manifold.

Here is the new manifold that I got to replace the old one.

Cleaning up the new manifold

This is the new manifold all cleaned up, painted, and installed. Along with the new fuel line.