June 8, 2007

It's Here


Well I finally got my halftrack today.  It was a rather anxious day or two.  The call that it was going to be delivered came out of the blue and I had to scramble to make sure someone would be around to unload it.  Originally it was going to be here about 9pm on Thursday night and then changed to 9am Friday morning.  It finally showed at 10am and we had it unloaded by 11:30am. The truck which it was on was a straight flat bed and we had to figure out a way of getting it off the truck.  We had the truck backup to the hillside and used the Bobcat to pull it off the truck.  The Bobcat was just able to handle it.  There were some good signs from the unloading, the radiator fluid looks good and green, the engine oil is full and doesn't look bad, and oil was leaking out of the transmission / differential.  Even though it is leaking, it proves that it has oil  and not completely drained.  Also everything turns really well.  By no means does this mean that it will be an easy project.  Now the work begins.