November 18, 2007

Oil Pan

The first four pictures are reference pictures of the old holes from the luggage racks that were installed at one time.  The last six pictures are of the oil pan after we removed and started cleaning it up.  The front, lower edge was really bad, paper thin.  When Kenny would weld a piece on to it, he would burn through.  By the time we were finished welding the entire front curve had a new layer of sheet metal added on to it.


These are some reference pictures of the locations of the old luggage rack locations.

This is the oil pan after we removed it and before we repaired it.

That hole was filled with a brass push pin and soldered in place.

This is a M35A2 that is parked in Pacific.  As of 3/1/08 it has of yet to move from the time I took these pictures.  It is a shame it is just sitting there.