New Bogie Wheels

After many delays and having to wait on the weather I was finally able to work on the halftrack and installed the new bogie wheels.  Last summer, I cleaned up and repainted the four driver side bogie hubs and installed the retread wheels.  Since then the fall and winter weather has prevented me from installing the wheels on the halftrack on February 20, 2011.  Reinstalling the volute spring was a real chore, the compressor just wasn't cutting it.  So I placed the jack underneath and that made it easier to compress the springs.  After that it was fairly easy to put the arms and wheels back on.  Then we put the track back on the driver side.  I haven't touched the passenger side yet, but I am including pictures of that side for a comparison.


Using the jack to help compress the springs.

These are the old bogies on the passenger side.

These are the new bogie wheels installed.

I finally installed the pintel hitch I got two years ago. It took some grease a bit of force to get in there.

Brand new 8DHD Battery, the proper battery for a halftrack.

The old battery I had in there.