2011 MVPA Convention

August 4 and 5, 2011

This year the MVPA Convention was in Dayton, Ohio.  Ken and I drove up there for Thursday and Friday.  We probably should have stayed another night so that we could see everything without being rushed.  We had a good time though and met a few other halftrack owners.

Nike-Hercules Anti-Ballistic Missile

Convention main floor


WC-56 Command Car

M4A3E8 Sherman Tank "Easy 8"

Viet Nam era gun truck

M901 Tow II Launcher

M3A1 Scout Car

M3A1 Halftrack

M16A1 Halftrack

This one was also at the 2009 convention.

75mm Pack Howitizer

M26 Pacific "Dragon Wagon"

B61 Tactical Nuclear Trainer


T16 Universal Carrier

M3A1 37mm anti-tank gun


M16A1 Halftrack

M35A2 "duece and a half" 2 1/2 ton truck


M5A1 Stuart Tank

Airborne Disasembled WC-51

Viet Nam era Patrol Boat River

These are the halftrack parts that I bought at convention.