World War II Weekend

April 23 - 25, 2010

This weekend started off good, but it rained most of the weekend.  The rain and mud made the driving the halftrack fun, but it made rest of the weekend miserable.  While driving the halftrack to the second battle the MP told me to drive through the higher vegetation where the ground was drier and blaze a trail.  I was thrilled with that idea and gunned it.  I crashed through the brush knocking over stuff well over the height of the halftrack.  That was fun, but when I stopped things went downhill quick.  One of the other halftrack guys that came after me, said that he saw a boogie wheel in the brush.  I looked and it turned out to be the two NOS ones I just put on.  There were the front ones and right next to each other, since I just put a new track on I didn't want to ruin it also.  I had only put 6 to 8 miles on the new tracks and boogie wheels.  On Sunday when I went to unload the halftrack from the trailer it wouldn't start.  I think the points got wet while on the trailer because of all the rain and water spray.  Next time I will have to close the louvers before it goes on the trailer.