68th Armored Infantry Battalion, 14th Armored Division

The re-enacting unit I am a member of.

Smak Zone Paintball

Dinadin90 on Youtube - These are my Youtube videos.

Halftrack Info -This a forum for Half-track infomation.

Maketar - Scale Modeler - He is a modeler from Serbia contacted me about pictures of my halftrack.



Military Vehicles

Mid-America MVPA - This is the St. Louis Chapter of the MVPA.

Military Vehicle Preservation Association

The G503.COM - One of the best forums on Military Vehicles around.

Halftrackinfo - This is a forum for information about Halftracks

Halftrack Owners Group - A listing of halftrack owners.

Gary's Halftracks - The largest soure of halftrack parts n the world.

Steel Soldiers - Another good forum, geared towards the larger trucks.

Fighting Iron HQ - Good website of another halftrack owner