Halftrack History

I was going to write up the history of various models of halftracks, but there are enough sites out there with that information.  So I am going to post historic images that I have found.  I will try to give as much information about the picture as I can.



Halftrack track production

Installing the tracks

This is a scout car engine.

Brand new M2 halftracks

New M3 halftrack



Pre-War Training


M2 and  M2A1

Crew resting while on manuevers


M3 and M3A1

Crossing the Seine River

Crossing the Seine River, same halftrack only a wider view.

46th Armored Infantry?

Attached to the 2nd Infantry Div, note the Indian Head patch on the bumper.

This one has an interesting field modification where they added what looks like a ring mount from a duece and a half.

These halftracks have pedestals mounted on the hood. There is also one with a crane on the front.


M15 and M15A1 Multiple Gun Carriage

This M15 has been covered with camo netting.


There is a M16 next to a SP